Haikus I Wrote While Bored In Class

I started writing haikus during class, and wrote enough that they couldn't just go on my personal blog. Sometimes these are serious, sometimes they're funny, and sometimes they might not make sense.

Later on, things got mixed up on mobile and some things meant for my main blog ended up here.

Now, I have given up on haiku and am simply saving an old URL.
I will share this mix until everyone knows it. →

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I’m so happy

who the hell has pet skunks

They’re actually a lot like cats and you can have their scent glands removed like in ferrets

(Source: gaksdesigns, via mynightmareisfading)

Y’know, Volvo is really close to vulva and I think thats a little odd

Someone brought Jack and Coke to my big family Christmas gift exchange fucking hell

I love the color
Of your eyes. I could well stare
Into them for years.

Oh no, I ran out.
This blog may not be very
Much good anymore.

Majority of 

the weekend was spent with a-

never mind my ass.

Only three things left
In my queue. Time to bulk up
All of my writing.

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